Omniflow II

Omniflow II is a biosynthetic vascular prosthesis that has several applications in vascular surgery. Bio Nova was the first to develop a vascular prosthesis made from a biological conduit that is not of vascular origin. The prosthesis of biosynthetic or composite material comprised ovine (sheep) connective tissue and a woven polyester mesh. It has regulatory approval in Australia, Canada and Europe.

The Omniflow II Vascular prosthesis is a true composite material. The unique structure is the result of natural collagen laid down on a polyester mesh endoskeleton. The synthetic material gives the combined structure its durability and the biologic material on the flow surface imparts its superior haemocompatibility.

There are three types of Omniflow II vascular prosthesis’ available. The first is the vascular prosthesis (diameter 5, 6 and 8 mm, length 20-65 cm) which has excellent patency below the knee, handles like a saphenous vein, is durable and does not require vein cuffs. The second is for arteriovenous access (diameter 6 and 8 mm,length 30-45 cm, available straight or looped) which punctures with ease, and high flow rates are easily achieved. Thirdly, the vascular patch (available in sizes up to 24 mm wide). Is suitable for carotid and femoral positions, durable and easily fashioned into any size or shape.