The Alcolizer Wall Mount Series has a long tradition of service to alcohol breath testing in Australia. Although it has undergone technology upgrades over time, the Alcolizer wall mount series has provided accurate BAC readings in hotels, clubs, mine sites, on ships, rail, and in transport depots for over 12 years.

The automatic calibrating Alcolizer Wall Mount Series has become the standard by which all other wall mount breath testers are judged. As the first Australian Standards Certified wall mount unit, the Autocalibration Alcolizer offers unrivalled accuracy and reliability, calibrating itself from its own internal certified gas every 24 hours (Australian Standards Certified – AS 3547 Type III).

With evidential style test and internal printer options, no other wall mount breath tester can compete with the performance and features of the Alcolizer Wall Mount series. Other features include electrochemical fuel cell technology (EC fuel cell technology is used in police devices around the world), factory programmable scolling LED display, a proven robust, steel case for all weather operation, and low cost maintenance and consummables (standard drinking straws). It also has options for data logging and speedlink download of information. Other models include handheld devices for the police, occupational health and safety and now the general public.

Soon there will be no excuse for driving above the legal limit!