Millions of motor vehicles are stolen every year, and 50% of all claims are attributed to professional thefts. Over 15% of stolen vehicles are never found, how should we prevent the theft of our cars? Datadots are an innovative technology which is used to ensure stolen vehicles can be easily identified and traced back to the owner. Datadots are made from a high-tech polyester substrate, suspended in a drying adhesive and have a traceable formula.

Each datadot contains a  laser with information lnked to the owner of the car. The adhesive is seen under ultraviolet light, therefore, in daylight, the datadots are hidden, which makes it very difficult for a thief to change this datadot or remove it. All datadots cpontain the car’s unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or the boat’s unique HIN (Hull Identification Number), a personal driver’s license number, or Australian Business Number (ABN). These helps the police to prove the true identity of the vehicle and increase the potential of a conviction.

When Datadot Technology Ltd, previously known as Microdot Technology Ltd, introduced the new technology, they knew that they possessed a product with a massive potential in the global market. Company directors applied for both local and international patent protection. Over time, the technology has gained a global interest ranging from South Africa to many other nations. This unique technology is used in various industries, but the most popular industries remain the marine and passenger vehicles industry.