MediScan? is an advanced digital-imaging (image and video) patient data management system that has been derived from extensive experience with clinicians. The system is capable of streamlining patient management in various ways such as by integrating clinical data with hospital-wide patient administration and laboratory information systems.

The MediScan? system employs digital technology to capture, organise, and distribute high quality images, video and text data with minimum effort. The MediScan imaging system is built around a computer unit, housed within a custom-designed trolley. Attached to the computer are a number of peripheral devices, including a camera, remote control device, communications hardware and hand-operated light pen. It can be connected to flexible fibrescopes and rigid endoscopes, microscopes and macro cameras, allowing it to be used for a variety of medical procedures such as sinusinoscopy, laparoscopy, colposcopy, hysteroscopy, cystoscopy, arthroscopy and gastroenteroscopy.

Users of MediScan? can choose between remote or camera operated controls to capture high quality digital images in 24 bit colour using the latest digital acquisition hardware. They can also capture real-time video in MPEG-2 data format from either s-video or composite video signals. The system works with either PAL or NTSC video sources. Still images can also be captured from a live video stream whilst simultaneously recording that stream. Any number of images may be extracted before, during or after the videos are recorded. Images may also be added to the patient record at a later date. All images captured by MediScan? can be manipulated and annotated to add relevant clinical information. Annotations are stored as a separate layer, in order to preserve the original image.

MediScan? offers clinical data entry screens and templates configured to match precisely the requirements of each clinical group for rapid editing and reporting. It can also automatically produce referral letters or reports, which reduces tedium and mistakes. Templates can be generated for each user to suit your preferred style. To add data quickly to these templates, MediScan? offers an ‘auto-fill’ function which transfers specific Mediscan? data directly to the attached file such as a patient letter. MediScan? is also network ready so clinicians can share images and video throughout the hospital.

The MediScan? imaging system also provides a one button facility to export patient data to a CD or DVD for distribution or archival purposes. Where a patient data set is too large to fit on a single disk, it is easily split over multiple disks. Multiple copies are easily produced for training and demonstration purposes.

As highlighted by Polartechnics Ltd, the Australian company that developed MediScan?, the ease and speed of the system means the potential for medical staff to make diagnoses much earlier than previously.