Transdermal Drug Delivery

The combination of the ACROSS?, MDTS? and Patchless Patch? delivery method, with medically approved drugs form the basis of Acrux’s pharmaceutical businesses business (US Patent 6,299,900; PCT filed Feb 19, 1997). The application of the technology will be suitable for existing Off-Patent Drugs as well as new drugs patented by the Group’s partners.

ACROSS? penetration enhancers: These enhancers are small, lipid-like compounds which allow drugs to pass through the skin. They are commonly used safe, non-irritant sunscreen materials whose utility for drug transport to and through the skin was discovered by scientists at Monash University’s Victorian College of Pharmacy.

Metered Dose Transdermal System (The MDTS?): is placed gently against the skin and depressed releasing a light spray which quickly dries on the skin. The ACROSS? enhancers allow drugs to pass through the top layers of the skin. A once a day application typically delivers consistent amounts through the skin to the blood stream.

Patchless Patch™ delivery method based on application of a rapid-drying metered-dose of solution to the skin. This forms a reservoir of drug and enhancer within the skin, from which drug is released into the bloodstream in a sustained manner.

These methods can be used for symptoms of menopause, femalel androgen insufficiency, severe pain, central nervous system disorders, male androgen insufficiency, urinary incontinence, contraception and smoking cessation.